#Open Source Technologies

Open-Source Technologies

Before we begin our quest about Open Source Technology, We proudly claim that we are also using another form of Open Source platform “github” to present you this meaningful article and even this entire Blogging Platform(Websie).

The very first impression we get when we talk about the term “Open Source” is, something available free and for all. However, it’s beyond that. This term originated in context of software development and about being open to ideas and implementing them. In simple word we can say, it’s your technology that work for you, open source programs are generally free or very low cost and are developed by teams of people or volunteers like you!

History & Philosophy of Open Source

Initially, in the 1950s the software developed by programmers, developers and computer scientist were freely shared. However, soon the computing system became more complex and capable that increased the software development cost and in late 1960s, computer hardware companies started charging for the softwares that were bundled with their products.

Many technology leaders started opposing the ever-increasing cost of software development as it’s was obvious that commercial companies were intentionally overcharging against ethics. The free software movement was launched in 1983. In the year 1991 the popular and powerful operating system that we know and use today “LINUX” emerged under GNU Public License. The term “Open Source software’ was coined after Netscape finally released the source code of its front line, advance web-browser in 1998. But, open source is really not about getting a great software for free, its true power lies in the philosophy behind it- “Collaboration or Working Together”.

Open Source Technologies Around us

We easily get carried away with the success story and huge profits growth of Technology giants like Microsoft, Apple, IBM, google to name a few. But, do you know ?

    ✔ Over 60 percent of higher education institutions use open source solutions.

    ✔ Over 76 percent of developers had used open source technology at some point of time.

    ✔ Any website you use these days will be running on Linux.

    ✔ 30 percent of internet is powered by open source technology “WordPress”

    ✔ A lot of corporate giants make use of Linux and other open source software solutions.

If you would check our “Blog List”, you would be surprised to know that every leading technology belongs to Open Source, be it “Android”, “PHP” CMS Platforms - Django, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla” etc.

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Why we should choose open source?

Today, most of the software we use are commercially licensed. Technology giants hire the expert developers who design, write, fix, upgrade and does everything required, but has no ownership on that software or project he worked upon. Whatever the developer or programmer accomplished belongs to software company who hired them. However, under open source, you are the owner and has every rights to modify, rewrite and distribute the software. That is real freedom, isn’t it?

Let’s quickly go through few points to understand why Open source is the Future?

    Secure: Since the code is public and user or community can easily figure out the vulnerabilities and address them, unlike the proprietary/paid softwares, you need to rely on the vendors to deal(i.e Windows bug/loop-hole fix).

    Lower Cost: Companies like Google, IBM, Amazon, Flipkart, Uber etc, are a huge success because they rely on Open Source.

    Flexible: You don’t have to upgrade and change the hardware version unlike paid softwares(Windows XP/7 to Win10).

    Ownership / Customisable: You own the software and can customize it according to your personal/business requirements.

    Extensive support: You get continuous support from global communities, which actively participate in open source and are expert in software you are using. Companies get paid support if they need extra assurance at way less than proprietary vendors charge.

If you want to know more about the legend (“Linus Torvalds - The mind behind Linux”) who made the open source popular and available for all. We promise, you would get positive inspiration from this humble man.

Best Open Source Projects

We don’t feel stretching this article too long for nothing. The image below has the list of almost all popular open source softwares/projects that we might have heard or used at some point of time, or you might be reading this article on one of these open source platform.

#Open Source Projects

Closing Thoughts

We honestly feel that open source is not just a low cost, secure and powerful alternative for your business or personal use, but it empowers you understand, what you have and what you can make out of it. To conclude, we can quote the genius himself.
"In real open source, you have the right to control your own destiny. - Linus Torvalds"

We have tried our best to keep this article short yet completely descriptive as we always do. However,  there are always scope of improvements, thus need your feedback and support to keep us motivated and we promise the best and time saving quick blogs for our readers! Please feel free to drop your valuable comments, share and support us.